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"The must-have tools for every aspiring artist"

As with any profession or endeavou,r having the right tools makes the job much easier, and this rule applies as well to aspiring artists. Whether you’re just starting to spread your wings creatively or have been honing your skills for a while, there are certain tools that you will need to create your masterpieces. This article outlines just a few of these essential tools.

Quality Drawing Pencils

Drawing pencils are a basic tool for artists of all genres. What matters most is the quality of the pencils. Look for pencils that can make a range of marks, from light to dark, and that don’t easily break.


Without a sketchbook, an artist is like a writer without a notebook. Sketchbooks serve as a portable studio to record your ideas, inspiration, and rough designs. Ideally, they should have quality paper that is suited to your medium of choice.

Quality Brushes

For artists who use paint, the type and quality of the brush matter a lot. Different brushes give different strokes. Knowing how to use and care for high-quality brushes can significantly influence the outcome of your work.

Acrylics, Oils or Watercolours

No matter which medium you prefer, be sure you have plenty to work with. It’s recommended to purchase artist-grade rather than student-grade paints as they contain more pigment and provide better coverage.

Drawing Software

In today’s digital age, artists must also be proficient in using different drawing software. Programs like Adobe Illustrator, Coral Painter, and Sketchbook Pro provide endless possibilities for digital artists.

A Decent Easel

While not necessary for all artists, a decent easel can really help an artist stay focused and make their work easier. Look for an easel that is sturdy, adjustable, and portable.

Art Storage

Organization is key when it comes to artwork. Good storage solutions can help protect your work, keep your tools in good condition, and ensure that everything you need is always at hand.


While this list covers just a few of the essential tools, there are countless others that you may find beneficial depending on your art style, chosen medium and personal preference. The most important thing to remember is that good quality tools can make a big difference in your final work. Doing a little research and investing in the right tools can make your artistic journey all the more fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best brand of drawing pencils for artists?
    A: The best brand depends on your preferences and the type of art you create. However, some top-rated brands include Faber-Castell, Derwent, and Prismacolor.
  • Q: What type of brush is best for painting?
    A: The ideal brush type depends on the type of painting and your technique. However, for broad strokes and filling in areas, flat brushes are effective, while round brushes are good for details.
  • Q: Are digital sketchbooks effective?
    A: Digital sketchbooks, such as those available on tablets and computers, can be very effective. They have the added advantage of being able to easily undo mistakes, change colors, and even use layers.
  • Q: Can I use any kind of paint for artwork?
    A: While you can technically use any kind of paint for artwork, it’s recommended to use artist-grade paints as they provide better pigment and coverage.
  • Q: Is spending more on art tools a guarantee of better quality?
    A: While quality often corresponds with price, this isn’t always the case. Remember to check reviews, ask for artist recommendations, and test tools before making a purchase.

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